Mr. Chawalit Tanomtin

Photo  Chawalit_Tanomtin
Name Mr. Chawalit Tanomtin
Current Job title/
Managing Director, Acting Deputy Managing Director for Business DevelopmentM.Sc.(Eng.Geol), AIT’79, B.Sc.(Geol)’79
Specialty Geotechnical Construction especially Underground Rock Excavation
Contact Address 292 M.4 Bangbor, Samut Prakan 10560 THAILAND
Tel : +662 313 4848 Fax: +662 313 4787, +662 313 4849
Brief Description B.Sc. in Geology, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1974M.Sc. in Engineering Geology, (Asian Institute of Technology), Pathum Thani, Thailand, 1979

CMU/GEOL 9000 Awards on outstanding Geologist, Chiang Mai Geological Club (CGC), 1995

Advanced Rock Blasting Technique Training, Nitro Nobel Blasting Techniques Department, 1990

Managing Director of Right Tunnelling Co., Ltd., more than 35 years in Geotechnical Construction, Underground Construction especially in Hard Rock Excavation.

1974 – 1977 Mining Geologist of P&S Barite Mining Co., Ltd., Barite Mining Open pit Mine.

1979 – 1981 Field Engineer of C.C.C. Fondisa Far East S.p.A. Thailand Branch.

1981 – 1987 Field Engineer of Vianini Lavori S.p.A. for Minipe Right Bank Transbasin Canal Mahaveli, Srilanka and Chiew Larn Multipurpose, EGAT.

1988 – 2000 Managing Director of International Blaster Co., Ltd. Works for Irrigation Project, Hydroelectric Power Project and Public Utility includes Mae Kuang Irrigation Project (Phase II & III), Mae Thang Dam Project, Pak Mun Hydroelectric Project, Lam Sae Irrigation Project and Mae Tuen Diversion Project , Nam San & Nam Man Mini Hydro Power Station Project, Ratchaburi Power Plant Project, Lam Ta Khong Pumped Storage Project, Klong Prempachakorn Diversion Project and Khao Chee Chan Buddha Image Carving Project.

2000 – Present Managing Director of Right Tunnelling Co.,Ltd. Works in Construction Business; Hydropower Projects being satisfied by local and international clients includes Nam Ngum 2 Hydro Electric Power Project, Theun Hin Boun Hydro Electric Power Project, Nam Luok Dam for Hongsa Mine Mouth Power Project, XePian – XeNamnoy Hydro Electric Power Project, Xayaburi Hydro Electric Power Project in Lao PDR and Thaukyegat (2) Hydro Electric Power Project in Myanmar; Irrigation Projects includes Lampayang Diversion Tunnel and appurtenant works in Kalasin Province, Khwae Noi Bamrungdan Dam in Phitsanulok Province, Clay Core rock fill dam in Khao Ra Kam Project, Trad Province Thailand.