Current Job title/
CONSULTING ENGINEER Underground Construction SpecialistDHW Ltd , PhD, M.Sc., C.Eng., Gov.Surv., ASfG., ITA, ASCE, CExt, WBC, PE (Austria)
Specialty Consultant in Design & Construction of Underground Infrastructures for Transportation & Energy covering Mass Transport, Railways, Highways, Hydro and Storage in soils and rock.
Contact Address Thailand 50/20 Laddarom, Watcharapol Sukaphiban 5 Rd., Tarang Bangken, 10220 Bangkok
Europe Bernardgasse 30/2 St., 1070 Vienna, Austria
Email drhrwagner@yahoo.com
Brief Description Civil Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Dr.Sc.Tech., Suma cum Laude), Licensed Masterbuilder, Government Counsellor appointed by President of Austrian Republic, Chartered Expert at Court

Independent Expert
for Underground Infrastructures, more than 40 years in Tunnel Design, Consultancy and Construction. Past Assoc.Professor for Architects, Technical University Graz, Austria.

(International Tunnelling & Underground Space Association), Expert Member of ITA’s Executive Council, Designer & Consultant for Underground Space Use

2002- 2007
  Vice President of ITA, Tutor of WG 2 “Research”. Contributed to “Guidelines for the Design of Tunnel Lining Segments”, “Risk Management Guidelines”, Report on “Long Tunnels at Great Depth”, Report on “Conventional Tunnelling”, etc.

2007- date
   Expert and Special Advisor to the Executive Council of ITA-AITES Laussanne. Work for ITA CET includes initiative and concept development for Short Course on “Tunnel Design”, and Short Course on “Advanced Application of Soft Ware in Tunnelling”. Teachings at international conferences during last 5 years include more than 35 lectures with over 10.000 students. Developed and promoted Multinational Tunnel & Underground Space Programs.PublicationsPublished and edited “TBM Tunnelling Trends” (1996), “Tunnels for Tomorrow, in Rock, Soil and Water” (2006), together with more than 150 scientific papers and made more than 300 comprehensive presentations on aspects of Underground Structures. Member of the Editorial Board of TUST ( Tunnels and Underground Space Technology, 2007 – 2013 ).Lecturer at Universities and Underground Space Institutes in Austria (TU Graz and Vienna), Italy (Politecnico Torino), Colombia (Javeriana, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota), Germany (TU Dresden, Braunschweig), USA (Austin, Texas), Thailand (KMITL), Torbiat Modares University Tehran/Iran, Cambodia (Norton University Phnom Phen) etc. .

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