Mr. Somsak Wongwishakorn

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Name Mr. Somsak Wongwishakorn
Current Job title/
27 Pandan Crescent Singapore 128476.
Senior Advisor Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Specialty Project Construction and Management  of Water  Transmission Tunnel, Waste Water Tunnel Management, Underground  Infrastructures for Transportation ( MRTA)
Contact Address 64/13 Soi Sonphra Mahaprutharam, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Brief Description B. Eng. (Mechanical Engineer) Chartered Mechanical Engineer No. 647

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (Thonburi)

1977-1979    Mechanical Engineer with Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. Project G-TN-4BR Water Transmission Tunnel  from Wong Wien Yai to Tha Phra Pumping Station.( Tunnel Dia.2,000 mm x 3,670 m)

1980-1982    Royal Thai Navy Dock Yard Supervision Consultant with National Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd ( NECCO) in charge of Dock Yard, Work shop Piping Gallery, Dock Gate & Entrance Basin Gate installation, Waste Water Treatment and all Mechanical Commissioning.

1981-1983  Senior Mechanical Engineer with Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd Project G-TN-5C, Water Transmission Tunnel Dia.3,338 mm x 2,670 m and branch tunnel by Conventional TBM Dia. 2,000 mm x 243 m

1983-1985    Nishimatsu Rangsit Machineries Stock Yard Plant Manager.

1985-1988    Mechanical Manager for MWA Water Transmission Conduit System Contract G-MC-1AR, G-MC-1BR,G-MC-1CR Steel Conduit Dia.3,220 mm Total length of 9,519 m including Pipe jacking and Surge Tower and others related works.

1989-1991    NCC (Site Manager), MWA Water Transmission Tunnel Project Contract G-TN-6 Tunnel with secondary steel lining Dia. 2,000 mm x 2,200 m with the last Semi Mechanical TBM with Compressed air system.

1992-1994    NCC (Site Manager) MWA Tunnel Rehabilitation Project G-TN-R1 by insert mild steel tube Dia. 3,200 mm x 8 mm thickness, total length 10,300 m with Valves and Fittings renovation.

1994-1997    NCC (Site Manager) BMA Waste Water Tunnel water collection system sub contract under NOSS Consortium .The first project to use EPB system in Thailand with Dia. 3,200 mm x 4,115 m, Dia. 2,500 mmx 5,819 m, Dia.1800 mm x 2,110 m including interception shafts and Construction Caissons.

1997-2002    NCC (Deputy Project Director) MRTA Blue Line North Contract ION Joint Venture. Tunnel Dia. 5,700 mm x 4,500 m including 3 stations 1. Thai Culture Station 2. Huay Kwang Station 3. Suthisan Station.

2000-2001    NCC (Project Director) Out Fall Tunnel for Samut Prakan Waste Water Transmission Tunnel sub Contract ITD. Tunnel Dia.2,600 mm x 2,600 m.

2001-2003    NCC (Director / Advisor) MWA Water Transmission Project Contract G-MC-7A. Tunnel Dia. 3,400 mm x 6,700 m and others related work, by using 2 TBM under NCC 1 TBM and other TBM by partner Summit Grade & Asia Tech.

2001-2003    NCC (Director/ Advisor) MWA Water Transmission Tunnel Project Contract G-TN-7. Tunnel Dia. 2,500 mm x 2,400 m and others related works

2006-2010    NCC (Director/Advisor) BMA Flood Protection Tunnel Dia. 5,000 mm x 5,140 m joint venture with ITD (IN / JV)

2011-Present      Director of KSD PTE LTD. Singapore supply man skill workers for NCC for MRTC, Contract 929 A and Electric Cable Tunnel Project in Singapore Contract EW-3

Senior Advisor for Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.

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